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Car remapping services in Blackburn and surrounding areas

Whether you are looking for a professional to inspect your car brakes or diagnostics, our specialist at BA Autos can offer you a first class service. Book your car with our approved dealer now, or contact us for further information.

Car Auto Services: Text
Car Auto Services: Text

Auto car servicing

Based in Blackburn, our expert will fully inspect and service your vehicle, ensuring that your car is safe to drive, and check for any arising issues and faults that may occur. In addition, our dealer can offer you an affordable price, checking your car brakes, oil and diagnostics. If you car is due for a service, or you have uncertainty about your vehicle, then book with our specialist today in Blackburn.

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Remapping options

Car remapping, effectively is a way of tuning your car, which therefore focuses on increasing a vehicles performance and power. In addition, an electronic control unit, is modified to improve the cars performance and possibly even improve the cars fuel efficiently. In this case, our expert can offer the following remapping options:

  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) remapping

  • Stage 1 remapping

  • Stage 2 remapping

  • Economy remapping

Book your car in for a service at BA Autos today

For car remapping services in Blackburn and surrounding areas, get in touch with our professional today by calling 07446 091806 to book your service or enquire further.

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